Ich bin Du EP


Ricky Zaziky is a humourous side-project of Mathias Bozó.

Born out of fun in 1993, the wicked schlager music with explicit lyrics became a well-requested live-act for various occasions and grew from a short fun program to a complete show, including tv appearances at "vivasion" (Stefan Raab, german tv) and "eurotrash" (british tv) since then.

The number of other and more serious projects by Mathias Bozó is too much to mention.The most important projects within the last decade include recommended live bands like Listen Up, Art Attack, and Celluloid. along with serious electronic ambient projects like Solaris and In Search (together with Costa Voujouklidis). Other projects he was involved were: Leper Leotards, Matt Hopes, and many more.

Based at Mannheim/Heidelberg from 1992 to 2003, the artist has been involved in more than 100 album productions, has a huge collaboration and solo output, has written music for theatre and movies, and appeared on stage with various projects.

The artist also was founding member of WINF art collective in the late 80s and also was frequent stage guest for Radio Bagdad around that time.

In december 2003 Mathias moved to northern germany, where he and his wife Rhea formed the bands Quichotte and Fools on Tools, both open improvisational band projects. Some of their recent releases are also to be found in here!