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Waldbach - September Session Plus (2001)

Waldbach was founded by Marion Nily somewhen in the 90s. Marion had been playing guitar and singing in Berlin for some years before she moved to the small village Waldbach, where the name of the village became also the name for her art project.

In 1999 the line-up was Marion (guitar & vocals), M. Skoff (guitar), Pit Klett (Bass), and Axel (drums). Skoff had been a major part of Razorblades 1985-1991 and Winf 1990-92 before. Also Pit and Axel had been playing in various regional jam bands for several years.

Waldbach frequently played as live band and had steady rehearsals. The band on stage sometimes was joined by performer Thaddaeus Baer.

In 2000 lead guitarist M.Skoff left the band for family issues. After a short time as a trio, 23rd Peter joined the band and did some mixing work (see the bonus tracks on the mp3 release in here), later joined steady rehearsals and also got part of the live line up for a while until he departed again.

In 2001 Thaddaeus Baer became steady stage performer for the band, now called "Waldbach und das Frontschwein". The rehearsals moved from Waldbach to Baer´s house at Heilbronn.

The band finally departed in october 2002. All members are still in art and music. Though Marion moved off from Waldbach village, her art projects are still called Waldbach.




PONKOFF CD 024 ... Waldbach - September Session plus Remixes (2001)