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Terminus B -
Musik vor Performanz


 Terminus B is a project of Jean-François L (a.k.a. jef L), based in Quebec city, Canada. Terminus B started with an experimental idea in 1998, mixing loud electronic beats with analog synths and found voices. Until then, the electronic sound of Terminus B get richer in range, getting a little more poppy and dancy, without forgetting its experimental basis. Releasing its developments on his own label ALTERFLOW (founded by Martin Bussieres from NAR), Terminus B gets his influences from new wave and synthpop music, as long as visual and cultural matters, like old science-fiction movies or toy robots.

In 2001, ALTERFLOW split in two entities: NEON MAGAZINE is dedicated to wave, electro, pop & rock and DELUGE wants to promote noise, concrete and experimental music. Terminus B will continue to release its material in both sublabels, according to his "double personality". Interested in the past, Terminus B is creating a retro-futuristic music for urban people living in cold appartments and dancing on plastic floors.

Jean-François L also participate in following bands: Chernobyl Cha-Cha, l'Orchestre Minimal du 8e, and Echo Kitty.