Speedys A Gogo -
Boredom 20/20
(rec. 1994)


speedys a gogo were founded around 1993 at eppingen, where local punk and trash bands had a long tradition, starting with
razorblades and long pin almost 10 years ago. this second generation band brought more skills and more stylishness in local punk, and the band was focussing on glam rock and mid-70s punk style.

in 1994 speedys a gogo were: mad puppet, stiff godard, gabe melody, and mikey mc owen, when 23rd peter produced a demo tape for the band which lead to their first record contract, releasing their "Teenage Coma E.P." as a vinyl 7" on Incognito Rec.

the original drummer left the band in mid-90s to focus on his second music career as house dj, and with another drummer the band published in 1996 their second 7" release "Cheers, Love & Kisses" on their own label Speed Boy Rec., a split e.p. with the "meateaters".

the band played countless gigs throughout germany until about 2000 when they disappeared. their records made it to various worldwide distributors and to various radio shows.

both vinyl releases are long out of print as they were of limited edition only. PONKOFF preserves you with a reissue of their 1994 demo recordings to keep the sound of this great band alive.