PONKOFF CD 033 ...
Richie Rycak
Science Fiction (2002)



Self description as received from the artist:

I play all instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard), make my own FX or some times I use some samples from the internet (free of copyrights). I make the music for 8 years. I'm trying to find some a brand new style of music. My motto is: "You will never forget your past, but tomorrow is painted with a little science fiction".

I was in the few polish TV stations like POLISH MTV, VIVA, and in most famous Polish radio stations. I have played in many famous clubs. I made music for two low budget polish films. And that's all- I think.

That's a describe of my music:

When you listen to the Science Fiction Music you can dream about whatever you want. You will fly to the end of the Universe or even beyond. Drifting from the red sands of Mars to the wild electronic forest of Jupiter. You can see things that you have never seen before and your imagine have never been so far. In my kinky starship propelled synthetic beat you will find everything that you need to fly away. All you have to do is to sink into sounds and my voice will show you the way.