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Razorblades -
Gebt mir Orgien oder
gebt mir den Tod
(rec. 1992)

razorblades were founded in 1985 by peter schmelzle aka. 23rd peter (voice), jens klenk aka. j.m.skoff (guitar) and manfred lachner (drums) at kirchardt-berwangen. after some amateur gigs with only voice, guitar and drums, ollo ertl (guitar) and isti winkler (bass), both ex-long pin, joined the band and gave the band a more full sound spectrum.

drummer manfred lachner left the band in late 80s, and another ex-long pin, uwe riedel, played drums for a while until 1989 alex kunkel became long-time drummer. the bass was handed over first to christian nau 1987, and later to erik knobloch. lead guitarist j.m.skoff left the band temporarily and after rejoining for a while definitely around 1990. the sound of the repertoire changed from rock to punk to hard rock with mostly own compositions.

Razorblades live February 27th, 1987.

the group played about 30 gigs in southern germany, most of them in the 90s line-up: 23rd peter (voice), ollo ertl (git), erik knobloch (bass), alex kunkel (drums). razorblades played live with: razzia, toxoplasma, tube disaster, fucking little froileins, band of confusion, dorfcombo, wolle kriwanek band, smerf brain, and many more.

the band finally departed in 1993. 23rd peter, j.m. skoff, and alex kunkel continued cooperating in WINF art collective. also skoff and 23rd peter were members of band "waldbach" at different times years later.

a Razorblades reunion session in the 1993 line-up took place in september 2004.

Razorblades shortly before split 1993.