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Radio Bagdad -
Psychotic Noise Terror
(rec. 1995)


radio bagdad was founded by jürgen scharsich (aka. ant inc.) around 1990 along with the foundation of WINF art collective as an open improvisation-based death metal project. the band name was inspired by the forthcoming gulf war.

jürgen scharsich was already involved on guitar and voice in several experimental and psychedelic blues rock bands since the mid 70s (like "rhomborak" or "band of confusion").

plenty of musicians joined Radio Bagdad as steady members or session guests until mid-90s. steady members among others were 23rd peter primary on voices and noises, alex kunkel mostly on drums (both ex-razorblades), ralf cersten on bass, and chris illig on voice. guest artitsts were mathias bozó, tim siebert (of krankheit der jugend), and many more.

radio bagdad played several death metal gigs from 1989 to 1993. the stage show usually was filled with tv screens, video projections, and random trash percussion. the show was totally free and always turned out to be an orgy of noise and chaos inmidst insanely flickering tv and video pictures. the band was famous for their unique industrial environmental art by jürgen scharsich, that usually filled not only the stage, but the whole location.

when the underground techno movement was starting up around, radio bagdad became constant live act and deko artists at underground raves by "reverends of rhythm" (ROR) techno community, german friends of spiral tribe network. being more and more involved in techno movement the group´s sound changed until 1995 to gabba/hardcore techno and industrial. at this time the band consisted of jürgen scharsich, 23rd peter and alex kunkel (all playing mostly electronic instruments) with lose appearance by oli of gaga sound system and other guests.

around 1996 jürgen scharsich founded "hammer art" art collective and started to do underground raves regularly. about 1997 the last public performance of radio bagdad took place though the band never officially broke apart.

jürgen scharsich further on performed under the name "ant inc.". his music now ranging from gabba/hardcore to ambient/noise, appearing on countless hardtek festivals. since 2003 he works frequently together with italian hardtek DJ Gotek.


in memory of the days of "radio bagdad" 23rd peter did publish a new release as "radio bagdad orchestra: broacasting from home" in 2003.