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Quichotte - Secrets

Quichotte - No Simulation


Quichotte was founded in spring 2003 in lüneburg, germany, as a free improvisational and experimental rock band.

The initial line-up was:

Mathias Bozó (dr., perc., synth, Piano)
Rea Rodriguez-Raecke (voc., synth, bambuphon, perc.)
G.Ott (guit., piano, sounds)
Jan Drees (guit., loops)
Grzegorz (bass)

Mathias Bozó played in various bands and projects before, including WINF and Art Attack. also the other members of the band were skilled enough to seriously join an improvisational band.

The sound of Quichotte is very much influenced by the charismatic voice of Rea Rodriguez-Raecke, who also plays ethnic wind instruments, most of all the bambuphon, that she helped to develop.

Most musicians of Quichotte play a variety of instruments, and also those who play accoustic instruments are electronic musicians as well. bass player Grzegorz left the band in autumn 2003 and was replaced by Marcus Tonollo. Grzegorz in between focusses on electronic music, we also have his solo album "jazz from outer space" in here.

In october 2004 guitarist Jan Drees left the band to focus on his solo works. The guitar part in Quichotte was taken over by Robodop Snei, who also plays space synthesizer.

Constant band member G.Ott also released a couple of solo albums with electronic music since 2002. His release "Querliedein" is a compilation of his best recordings, compiled by the artist himself.

The members of Quichotte not only work together as Quichotte, they also form several other bands with partially the same musicians. Musically the closest side project possibly is Fools on Tools, whose album "Five improvisations with machines" also is to be found in here.