Live in Eppingen
(rec. 1986)

long pin were founded 1985 as "long pim" in eppingen. line-up was: pulle (vocals), ollo ertl (guitar), addi (guitar), isti winkler (bass), and uwe riedel (drums). their repertoire consisted of rock standards. the band played at partys and social youth projects. the line-up might have changed sometimes. with growing publicity and increasing number of live appearances the group´s name has been changed to "long pin" in 1986.

ollo ertl and isti winkler joined razorblades in spring 1986, but also continued playing for long pim. the guitar sound of long pin and razorblades was way much the same then. at altstadtfest eppingen in july 1986 long pin and razorblades even performed after each other live on stage giving a double shift to ollo and isti. this was also the last long pin gig.

in the late 80s ex-long pin drummer uwe riedel also joined razorblades to replace former drummer manfred lachner there.

both long pin guitarists also had an accoustic folk program with some gigs during the late 80s.