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1999 Demos


In the beginning of the Last Orders story there were three friends who wanted to play punk music, and so they founded the "Kraichgau Proll Project" (KPP) in early 1999 in order to play on stage as support band for other bands playing at JuZe Sinsheim.

The initial line-up was:
Der Schneider - git
Body - vocals
Chris - bass (Ex-
Godzilla goes to 7 moons)

In april 1999 the project started to get serious and so the band recorded a demo tape in Schneiders living room to find a steady drummer, who was found in Volker Cockroach in may.

The new line-up now was called "Last Orders" (after a british pub law) and did steady rehearsals, and soon they played throughout whole southern germany from Saar region up to black forest.

One of their most legendary gigs was at Eschelbronn, where the gig was announced as "live dance music" and the local host was more than surprised to find his music club stuffed with punks and skinheads, who - needless to say - did completely demolish the location. This was both the first and the last punk concert ever in Eschelbronn.

The band split in november 1999 after a gig in Rottweil. Der Schneider moved to Berlin and founded the Towerblocks who are currently one of the best german oi-punk bands.