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Live at Subkulturtage Heilbronn 1996 (2003)


Picturelistening (2004)


art attack was founded in heidelberg 1995. the initial line-up was: markus hänsel (keyboard), mathias bozó (vocals & percussion), thomas ellerkamp (guitar), matthias drehmann (trumpet), michael wolters (bass), andreas zeuch (drums). t. ellerkamp and m. bozó had been playing in rock group "listen up" before.

in 1996 gernot kögel replaced michael wolters on bass, and werner mayer on saxophone replaced the former trumpet part of matthias drehmann. 1997 mathias ruppel became new bass player.

the band appeared 1996-98 on various festivals in southern germany and was very appreciated as well for the zappa-esque moments as for the hypnotic dance groove as the essence of the style mixture of jazz, fusion, rock, ethno, and funk, all with a huge portion of humour.

art attack released their self distributed album "picturelistening" in 1997. while the album is long out of print, PONKOFF is very proud to exclusively support you with this great album along with one of their great concerts for free mp3 download.

the band finaly departed in 1998 with most members continueing their musical career in other projects.